The New USB Mini Cooper!

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Limited Edition - 2000 pieces!

Mini-Cooper USB - Great gift idea!


The Mini Cooper Memory Stick makes the perfect gift for any car owner or enthusiast!


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Licensed by BMW AG and BMH

Licensed by BMWThis USB drive is a licensed Mini Cooper replica with detailed features including transparent windows, rotatable wheels, and illuminating headlights.


The Mini Cooper USB flash drive is accurate down to the smallest detail to meet the expectations of even the most discerning Mini Cooper fans.

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Mini Cooper replica down to the finest detailsThe original Mini was undoubtedly the best city car of its time: small, fuel efficient and easy to navigate in traffic and narrow lanes. Though it is no longer in production, the car remains a valued treasure on the second-hand market because of its looks, utility and overall mystique.

Red Union Jack  Mini Cooper
USB Mini Austin Toy car in its packaging


If you have been searching the globe for a used Mini to no avail, perhaps you may want to consider this inexpensive, practical and totally satisfying alternative!


USB Mini Cooper Toy CarOur Mini USB flash memory drives are the latest USB devices to hit the streets. Each one is a 1:48 scale replica of an actual Mini. Just like a real Mini, you won't be able to fit your luggage in there - but you will be able to store thousands of images, MP3s or a couple of videos.


The Mini Cooper USB features 2GB of memory/storage cleverly concealed inside the trunk. The car also boasts rotating wheels, and headlights that actually work when the flash drive is plugged in. It is indeed the perfect device for every Mini Cooper fan!!